Rejuvenating Your Skin With VONAZY Sea Salt Soap

Integrating skincare with proven ingredients is not a new thing - in fact, it’s a necessity. And that’s what we are doing with Sea Salt Soap, to ensure your skin gets nothing but goodness.

After all, the effectiveness of sea salt for the skin has been proven not just for decades, but for centuries. Immersing oneself in a sea salt bath has been done since the Egyptian and Greek eras, continuing today as we see with Japanese that are popular with their onsen baths.

Why your skin needs Sea Salt Soap for effective skincare

With sea salt as the main ingredient, Sea Salt Soap is high in calcium, zinc, sulfur, bromide, and magnesium that works to support the skin barrier and encourage the production of new skin cells while delivering intense moisturization for the skin. If you’re thinking how salt can be so nourishing, it’s because we’re using sea salt as opposed to regular salt that drains out water from your skin. The minerals in sea salt as known as hygroscopic, meaning they attract water (that in turns locks the water within the skin), apart from being soothing and anti-inflammatory for the skin, that goes beyond the superficial layer; studies have proven that sea salt provides benefits deep into the layers of the skin.

Suitable for all skin types and we highly recommend this for sensitive and mature skin types as well as skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis, Sea Salt Soap is essential to add into your skincare routine to maintain the health of your skin. As with all Vonazy products, we aim to choose and formulate only the pure and highest quality ingredients to ensure your skin gets nothing but the best.

How to use Sea Salt Soap

To use, simply lather the soap with a bit of water and massage to your skin in a circular motion, concentrating areas such as flaky skin, blackheads, and acne if any, stimulating the skin for effective cleansing. Can be used for other areas of the body as well, if needed.